Recruitment Specialist at Bonus for Food Trading & Distribution

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Job Description

  • Responsible for the employment file and all responsibilities that fall under it
  • Implementing the performance management system and following up the quarterly evaluation with the managers and its compliance with the company’s policies and regulations.
  • Submit a detailed report for each employee on the state of attendance and leave on a monthly basis, and submit a copy of the report to the General Manager.
  • Calculating the effects and submitting the final sheet for approval by the general manager of the company.
  • Follow up the implementation of regulations and policy with department managers on a daily basis.
  • All daily administrative work (from errands – attendance indicators – daily event records).
  • Follow up all the company’s insurance business and deal with the labor office if necessary.
  • Evaluate the performance of employees in order to motivate and encourage them to develop and improve their performance.
  • Selection and appointment of new employees in coordination with the departments of the various departments to meet the employment needs of the departments based on the required standards and the extent of matching qualifications.
  • Designing the organizational structure and administrative hierarchy of the institution in accordance with administrative principles.
  • Responsible for hiring the company, conducting interviews and preparing employment contracts in accordance with the Labor Law.
  • Updating and designing current recruitment procedures, for example (a job application form, qualification tests.
  • Interest in supervising employee relations.
  • Examines employee files to respond to inquiries and provide information for employee actions.
  • Responsible for preparing all final settlements, employee experience certificates, Form 6 and Form 4.
  • Constant review of the regulations and legislation of the Labor Law and following up on the latest changes.
  • Building a network of good relations with specialists in human resources, various universities and recruitment companies.
  • Complete any task assigned to him by his direct manager and management.

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