Fraud Risk Analyst at The united bank

The United Bank Career
The United Bank Career

Job Description

  • Monitoring cards (Credit and Debit) transactions by fraud monitoring tools and other stipulated mechanism.
  • Monitoring E-Channels and analyzing incidents whither electronic or document based.
  • Investigating the transaction by studying clients behavior and analyzing data bases received from various department.
  • Call the clients back to verify the suspected transactions.
  • Tack appropriate actions in case of identified fraud on cards and other E- Channels.
  • File reports of identified fraud cases on report on them.
  • Managing communication from InfoSec., branches and other UB departments and updating department records based on it.
  • Dealing with black list communicated from customer rights protection departments.
  • Reviewing daily reports from different department concerning cards and its utilization, also rules related to red flags of E-Channels.

Job Requirements

  • A very good command of English.
  • At least 3 years banking experience.
  • Good command of using Microsoft office.
  • Ability to work according to job requirements as per assigned shifts.

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