CCRO and Head Operational Risk at Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Jobs
Standard Chartered Jobs

Job Description

  • Appraise and contribute to the development of the Group’s strategic plans and alignment with risk appetite through active membership of the CMT and other forums.
  • Contribute to the development of performance management and remuneration processes, in order to encourage the development of an appropriate risk culture and discipline
  • Align strategy of the Risk function with business strategy and risk appetite and its execution in Egypt.
  • Maintain and develop risk capabilities, skills and infrastructure to meet ongoing business needs and plans.
  • Providing governance and oversight of all risk aspects within Islamic banking.
  • Supervise all processes where a member of the Risk function is the identified first line process owner.
  • Ensure effective management of operational risks within the Risk function and compliance with applicable internal policies, and external laws and regulations.
  • Continuously improve the operational efficiencies and effectiveness of risk management processes.
  •  Work collaboratively with Risk Operations
  • In partnership with Group Risk function colleagues:
  • Define an organisation structure aligned and scaled to the risk control needs of the Group for Egypt branch.
  • Uphold and reinforce the independence of the Risk function from those whose primary responsibility is to maximise short-term revenues and profits.
  • Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development of Risk matters to all in-country Risk Owners
  • Lead through example and embed the Group’s values and Code of Conduct in the Risk function to drive adherence with the highest standards of ethics, and compliance with relevant policies, processes and regulations among employees.

Job Requirements

  • Academic or Professional Education/Qualifications; i.e. standards required for roles —
  • Minimum graduate
  • Finance/Banking qualification preferred
  • Licenses and Certifications/accreditations; i.e. internal/externally required
  • SCB CCRO Bootcamp
  • Professional Memberships; i.e. required for roles for continuous development/ improvement/awareness of current practices etc. –
  • Minimum 15 years of bank experience
  • Bank training; i.e. mandatory & developmental – role specific, and regulatory/compliance bank wide & role specific
  • Languages; i.e. those required for roles –
  •  English (Arabic is a plus)

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Standard Chartered Jobs
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