New Products/Projects, Manuals & Contracts Assessment Officer at AAIB

Job Description

  • Review , provide feedback and recommends controls on new products, services process map and procedures manuals from an Operational Risk point of view.
  • Circulates the new products, services or activities process map to relevant stakeholders for physical and or electronical signoff.
  • Conduct Risk and Control Self Assessment workshops to assist business owner/risk owner in developing new products and services RCSA and identifying the related risks and controls.
  • Assess the new products and services Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA-Risk Profiles) before signoff.
  • Ensuring proper handover of the finalized RCSA to RCA team.
  • uploading the risk profiles of new products and services accurately and in a timely manner on the operational risk system (when available).
  • Review and assess the new developed application forms, term & conditions and customer contracts
  • Communicate the new product, service and or activities relevant Operational Risk requirements to the related business owner.
  • Reports any delays in process map approval to the Team Head.
  • Communicates approved business process map and finalized assessments to the business owner.
  • Assess third party contract from operational risk perspective.
  • Prepares the new products, projects assessment team related reports as defined in the operational risk policy, procedures and or other requested reports accurately.
  • Assess the new projects in aligment with the operational risk policy.
  • Coordinates with other Operational Risk teams (Loss data, RCA and KRI) to ensure that other teams’ input is represented in the assessment of policies, procedures and third-party contracts.
  • Assists to embed the new products projects assessment methodology within the Operational Risk

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Business Administration, Statistics, Economics, Banking, Finance or any related discipline.
  • For Officer Minimum 3 years of banking experience
  • Knowledge of the Banks policies and priorities in respect of Regulatory Compliance
  • Working knowledge of risk and security policies and procedures.
  • A good knowledge of the products and services delivered by the Bank.
  • Good knowledge of the Bank’s core processing systems.
  • Good knowledge of Operational Risk Assessment methodologies, quantification and mitigation tools and procedures.
  • Good understanding of the Banks operating systems.
  • Good understanding of the Banking Products
  • High Risk Assessment/Analytical thinking.
  • Good Communication skills (Communicates in simple and with inspiring language).
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Good in investigations and Information gathering.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Computer skills.

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