Head of Property management unit at ABK

ABK Career
ABK Career

Job Description

  • Managing the renewal of all lease contracts before their expiry dates.
  • Managing rental payments of branches.
  • Managing the termination of lease contracts whenever required till the site is handed over to the Landlord.
  • Act as the point of contact between all the property owners concerning any issue, advice…etc.
  • Managing the relationship with all the owners of our location to ensure successful and fruitful relationship
  • Managing the process/logistics to sell the unutilized premises.
  • Coordinating with the consultant offices to request and review all the needed premises evaluations.
  • Coordinating with the auctioneers for preparing the auctions logistics.
  • Managing the market search for new locations through third party supplier.
  • Managing brokers concerning the search for any new location.
  • Managing the negotiations with the location owners to reach the best price and best.
  • Follow up with Business, Legal and all related concerned functions to fulfil the required.
  • Managing third party governmental offices responsible for issuing locations licenses, utility
  • Managing the renewal of all branches advertising licenses.
  • Managing the issuance of parking, security guard kiosks licenses.
  • Managing any issue with the municipality offices or district authorities.
  • Managing Evaluation Offices responsible for evaluating new locations.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, law or Business Administration.
  • Knowledge of laws, procedures, governmental processes and services.

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