Head of Custody at ADIB

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ADIB Career

Job Description

  • Ensure dissemination of Custody policy & procedures and efficient & effective performance of responsibilities.
  • Assist the Head in the management of activities and operations.
  • Participate with the Head in the identification of annual KPIs and work time plan (annual & quarterly) & monitoring fulfillment ensuring continuous assessment & improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the function work flow to ensure efficient resource utilization.
  • Lead team members to fulfil identified KPIs ensuring that the responsibilities of each member is well defined and that timely, specific and providing productive feedback to team members about performance thus increasing team competence & motivation.
  • Evaluate the work performance of staff in Custody function and determine method of work assignment; provide advice to staff on issues in the most difficult or complex cases.
  • Ensure knowledge transfer between team members through the implementation of the on-the-job training.
  • Assess and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Custody function work flow to ensure smooth operations.
  • Inforce professional development of the team by recommending training programs and professional development programs for employees to raise the level of efficiency & professionalism.
  • Maintain sound networking; effective cooperation and coordination with the different Bank functions in order to improve the level of service and ensure that that all activities demonstrate and support excellent interactive teamwork as well as corporate governance.
  • Assist Head of Treasury Back Office & Custody Operations in ensuring prompt & well-structured communication to Top Management, Control Functions, involved stakeholders & regulatory bodies as appropriate & in accordance with requirements.
  • Prepare RSCA quarter sample and ensure that proper incident reporting is prepared in order to ensure RCSA compliance.
  • Provide periodical analytical reports according to identified time frame.
  • Oversee all the custody process cycle that are related to financial securities (stocks and bonds), sealed envelopes and any other related documents.
  • Manage any related activities in the execution of purchase, sale, exchange and transfer of securities and their related activities.
  • Oversee both depositing and keeping securities in the central depository system.
  • Manage the operational risk points and set proper controls.
  • Evaluate the Bank’s stocks and bonds portfolio.
  • Take the necessary actions of renewing or crediting the value of securities and saving channels to the beneficiary accounts in accordance with the customer requests.
  • Oversee keeping the bank’s securities and any other related documents and letters in a safe and proper place, either they are shares or bonds.
  • Ensure compliance to all the local laws, rules and regulations as well as the instructions of the Central Bank of Egypt and Sharia terms and conditions.
  • Set performance objectives for the function in order to keep the performance consistent with the overall strategy of the bank.
  • Oversee the related UAT testing and review the results to ensure correct implementation.
  • Supervise & ensure proper handling & resolving complaints in cooperation with Consumer Rights Protection – Compliance & Governance – in accordance with the policies and procedures and identified SLA.

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