Senior Anti-Money Laundering at ABK Bank

ABK Career
ABK Career

Job Description

  • Reviews/Monitors the AML reports, dynamic reports, Tele-cash, unusual activities & hidden accounts, to identify the suspicious transactions in order take the necessary action accordingly.
  • Participates in the preparation process for the required reports to be sent to EMLCU, “Audit Committee” and BoD, in a timely manner; in addition to regular reports “monthly, quarterly and yearly reports” any ad-hoc reports.
  • Transactions involving sanctioned embargoes countries/individuals/entities. Monitors the status of updating Customers’ data on quarterly basis through various tools that are checked daily either manually or systematic.
  • Review various system-generated reports “AML/ KYC system alerts” on large amounts transactions and branches comments, as well as investigate the transactions with the customer account history and KYC parameters.
  • Investigates unusual/ suspicious activity transactions, alerts & received STRs to determine if any of those transactions are actually related to money laundering and present it to AML Unit Head /Head of Compliance for obtaining guidance to carry on further investigation, and to decide whether the case will be reported, to prepare STR, or to be closed.
  • Investigates various queries concerning Customer’s Data (which have been requested by public Authorities “EMLCU”); and presents the results of that investigation to the “Head of Compliance” in order to response to “EMLCU”.
  • Participates in visiting ABK branches /Dept. to ensure that AML/CFT law requirements and regulations are achieved. KYC, CIF forms are fulfilled properly and to ensure compliance with the policies and procedures put in place.
  • Respond to branches and HO departments AML & Compliance inquiries; and assist in train other branches/departments on AML/CFT, Compliance & FATCA issues.
  • Respond to the AML questionnaires of the corresponding Banks, as well as reviews the response on ABKE AML Questionnaires which received from the corresponding Banks & Tele Cash Companies,
  • Keep the updated detailed records regarding AML/CFT issues, STRs, as well as the updated staff training record, properly as per the procedures.
  • Implements a compliance culture within the bank that emphasizes high standards of ethical behavior at all levels and in all areas.
  • Work fully within Compliance policies, procedures and regulations in addition to support Compliance and Corporate Governance team in preforming the daily operations and any assigned tasks by managements.

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