Provisions & Budgeting Associate at QNB ALAHLI

QNB Career
QNB Career

Job Description

  • Assist in the calculations of the default bank rate for both corporate & retail portfolios, including general and impairment provisions according to IFRS 9.
  • Process the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) and provisions calculations for both corporate & retail portfolios on a monthly basis.
  • Assist in the preparation of the bank risk budget, taking into consideration influential factors such as NPL, write-off cases, and portfolio growth.
  • Calculate the Net Cost of Risk (NCR) on a monthly basis and assist in the preparation of the Financial Risk Disclosure on a quarterly basis.
  • Process Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD), and Exposure at Default (EAD) calculations on both corporate & retail portfolios.
  • Develop reports or any other requirements relevant to the unit’s issues upon request (from Internal Audit, QNB GROUP, etc.).
  • Create and disseminate risk measurements and reports.
  • Commit to recommendations set by internal/external audit and confirm adherence.
  • Develop reports and coordinate with various departments to perform any of the above-mentioned tasks.
  • Ensure correct adoption of policies and procedures to guarantee that QNB ALAHLI business is conducted in compliance with Local Laws, Internal rules and regulations, as well as International Standards. Confirm proper adherence to QNB ALAHLI Credit Risk Policy in addition to CBE regulations & circulars.
  • Ensure the correct functioning and implementation of Permanent Supervision system, compliance, money laundering, operational risk & workplace success guidelines whenever & wherever possible.

Job Requirements

  • Predictive statistics and hypothesis testing.
  • Math algebra.
  • Econometrics (time series knowledge is a plus).
  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning skill is a plus).
  • IFRS 9.
  • Basel accords.
  • One of coding languages: C++, R, Python, MATLAB
  • FRM Certificate.
  • Data Science bachelors (diplomas with credit hours).
  • Master of Science in Finance or A Master of Arts in Economics.
  • Recent bachelor’s in quantitative fields/concentrations (statistics, econometrics, physics).

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