Product Manager at Egyptian Banking Institute

Egyptian Banking Institute Careers
Egyptian Banking Institute Careers

Job Description

  • Design & Tailor products and solutions to specific customer profiles based on the Market feedback, research and analysis.
  • Ensure that customer satisfaction goals are met and products are continuously enhanced to meet current and future customer expectations.
  • Align product’s financial performance with EBI’s strategic priorities and goals in a sustainable manner.
  • Conduct a thorough product and competition analysis to design product communication & training materials
  • Conduct fundamental and periodical product knowledge training to all RMs who are expected to sell their products to ensure that they fully understand the value of each product.
  • Conduct Co-visits with the RM team to ensure that product messages, benefits and uniques selling points are well articulated and developed as needed alongside getting first hand customer feedback.
  • Collaborate with the RM team to co-promote their products from a technical perspective through promotional events such as business dinners, round table discussions, product events, launch events, Speaker-led events, etc.)
  • Provide extensive support especially for RM new hires to ensure that customer requests and inquiries have met satisfactory answers, and conduct some co-visits when needed to handle technical requirements. In addition to issuing technical proposals and consulting RMs on pricing issues as needed.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent command of using Microsoft tools (Excel, MP, PP and similar)
  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent creative writing skills
  • Robust marketing and product management knowledge
  • Bachelor’s degree of a relevant major

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