Identity Access Senior Officer at ADIB

Job Description

  • Control all applications security matrixes and control all ADIB users’ usage for each.
  • Participate in any new project related to new system/application during UAT phase to create and design the required security matrix.
  • Develop and generate all the required MIS reports for ICD as he has the “know how” of the bank applications and the operations.
  • Supervise and review the work done by User Admin regarding any changes in the users or groups rights.
  • Control all users’ access on Ethix & non Ethix applications.
  • Evaluate on quarterly basis all users access
  • Developing an evaluating all users’ access and terminations procedures if needed
  • Maintaining all systems security matrix to ensure that all function granted according to user job description
  • Ensure correct user access and do the required clean-up processes to avoid any violation in the access
  • Design and enhance applications security mechanism of any new system/application
  • Developing all required MIS reports for internal control department and extract all required data through the applications database.
  • Supervise and review the Apps Admin activities and ensure that all actions have been done exactly according to the approvals obtained from User Access team.
  • Controlling transfer between departments without proper notification in order to control the user’s access after staff transfer.
  • Staff head count needs to be increased, as the work load is excessive and no backup exist.
  • User access requests should be received in specific time
  • And any other assigned tasks.

Job Requirements

  • Strong IT background, especially in applications.
  • 2-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Capability to resolve the user’s issues.
  • Be able to write SLAs, and work according to its timelines.
  • Working with handling the users access & Security matrix on any CBS
  • Ethic system function awareness
  • Analytical skills and problem solving
  • Technical skills (DB)

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