Bancassurance Sales Advisor at AXA

AXA Jobs
AXA Jobs

Job Description

  • Achieve his/her quarterly assigned target through conducting different daily activities of face to face approaches, Selling Interviews, phone calls etc…
  • Provide sales and technical support to bank staff on product details, benefit illustrations, insurance policies, etc…
  • Support bank staff when prospects have unique requirements that cannot be met by the available packages, such as requiring complex savings plans or detailed advice, or with loan debt obligations elsewhere, and needing protection.
  • Assist in communicating with Operations team on pending business; follow up on issuance requirements and issues that are faced.
  • Build a strong base of prospects and promote a strong focus on customer
  • Monitor and follow up on bank staff activities related to approaching prospects to arrange for meetings and selling Life, Property and Casualty insurance to these prospects and be responsible for the weekly, monthly, and annual activity reporting required by the Company, for the assigned bank branches.
  • Act as the link between bank staff and the Company, in terms of collecting completed application forms and proofs of initial premium payments and submitting them to the company.
  • In charge of the bank Branches supplies replenishment of brochures, corporate profiles, application and Investment guide, by monitoring branch supplies and requesting supplies from Marketing Department.
  • The Protection Advisor who will be responsible for supporting more than one Branch, will have to divide his/her time and effort between these branches appropriately.
  • Attend regular meetings held by the Bank branch management to address action plans, activities, trainings, etc…
  • Provide the customers with superior after sale services such as but not limited to medical bookings arrangements, conducting welcome calls, reply to inquiries etc…
  • Handle all customer inquiries, requests and complaints to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Identify new sales opportunities among existing clients to boost sales through cross selling, taking referrals, etc…
  • Meet all business requirements in terms of accuracy and reports deadlines.
  • Maintain High Premium Persistency and Health renewal measures by consistent following up on his /her policies at risk and do all required retention efforts.
  • Responsible for his / her branch archiving system.
  • Follow company policies and procedures in terms of regulatory guidelines, PCI, etc…
  • Maintain Strong relation with bank staff to ensure their cooperation through the referral process.
  • Introduce company’s new products to the bank staff to ensure their full awareness of all AXA products.
  • Achieve sales target by approaching prospect customers referred by bank staff.
  • Seize new opportunities and open new markets by approaching potential clients.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • 0-2 years of experience
  • Insurance Knowledge is preferable
  • Microsoft skills
  • Excellent English Language skills
  • Owns a car
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivated and confident
  • Proactive and flexible to work in multiple branches
  • Work under pressure
  • Ability to handle angry customers
  • Creative and persistence 

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