Internship 2022 at NBE

NBE Jobs
NBE Jobs

Internship Requirements

  • A university degree from a university, faculty or academy accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities
  • Second or third year students
  • A “very good” grade or higher in the previous year
  • Applying starts from Sunday 22/5/2022 up to Saturday 2/6/2022. Any applications sent before or after the set dates will be disregarded.

Target faculties and specializations

  • Commerce (Accounting, Taxes, Finance, Marketing, Management, Foreign Trade)
  • Business Administration (Banking, Credit, Finance, Human Resources, Management Information Systems, Financial Institutions, International Business Administration, Logistics, Marketing)
  • Economics and Political Science (Economics or Statistics Major)
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Engineering (Computer or Communications Major)
  • Law
  • Computer Science

Required documents

  • A copy of National ID-number card
  • Enrollment verification/certificate indicating the current class year and overall grade of the previous year
  • Training period 4 weeks

Apply Via The Following Link

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