Financial Commercial Reporting Analyst at AAIB

Job Description

  • Create reports to support the budget and business goals of each Business Divisions and each segment up to the detailed required.
  • Prepare the required analysis for the Business Divisions in identifying the corrective actions necessary to achieve the budget goals in case of negative deviations or to have a better performance.
  • Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports measuring the financial and commercial performance for branches and products for the LOB.
  • Consolidate & prepare the incentives calculation derived from the business line to agree on the payments.
  • Track and validate the business campaign result for the different business lines.
  • Assess and evaluate any new initiatives or proposal submitted by the different stakeholders from the bank.
  • Setting the rules for the segmentation within the bank after getting the initial approval from the different stakeholders
  • Analyze cross selling scoring results both for branches and products, through a set of KPIs addressing various commercial aspects.
  • Perform business and consumer customer segmentation analysis for different LOB, Segment, and the branch level.
  • Perform in depth profitability analysis for business line, branches, products, segment…etc.
  • Preparation of detailed reporting for Relationship Managers of Corporate Investment Banking, SMEs, and Retail Business Divisions.
  • Propose the methodology for the activity-based revenue allocation and cross charges between different branches based on the activities.
  • Monitor Actual performance versus budget and business goals of each Business Divisions and each segment up to the detailed budget level.
  • Prepare a brief Bank’s market positioning and competitors’ performance through peer group comparative analysis to support the performance analysis.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Finance, or any relevant discipline
  • Post graduate degree in finance is an asset.
  • Minimum 2 years for the Analyst.
  • Excellent command of English language
  • Very good communications skills
  • Very good analytical abilities and problem solver
  • Excellent use of (Microsoft Excel, Accesses and PowerPoint).

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