Trade and Credit Information Officer at HSBC

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HSBC Career

Job Description

  • Provide Global Banking, Commercial Banking and Business Banking with reliable, cost efficiently and timely Credit investigation reports.
  • Reviewing and ensuring sound knowledge of risk parameters and controls to contribute in keeping different types of risks at acceptable levels, specifically counterparty fraud risk, by conducting on-going customer due diligence, monitoring for suspicious behaviors’ and taking appropriate action as set forth in operating policies when necessary.
  • Preparing Credit Investigation reports on current and potential borrowing customers.
  • Handling the credit investigation visits for existing/potential CMB & GBM customers in Alexandria and Delta area by conducting periodic inspection/follow-up on all Clients’ Factories, Warehouses and all premises.
  • Building strong and broader connections with external parties in other banks and Markets so as to ensure obtainability of information at all times. 
  • Ensuring full awareness of CBE regulations Banking/ Corporations Laws & CBE circulars.
  • To be always in line with any economic, political changes in the market regarding customers & industries.
  •  Maintaining a strong understanding of each customer’s business, industry analysis and associated risks

Job Requirements

  • The job holder is required to have experience in working within corporate banking, credit risk. 
  • The role holder should have a good understanding of credit and overall banking processes, and experience in the credit information/investigation is also an asset.
  • Ability to priorities conflicting demands and problem solve
  • Understanding of different industries related business cycles.
  • Ability to articulate complex and sensitive information and situations in meaningful and easily understood terms
  • Highly refined planning, communications, writing, editorial and presentation skills.
  • Ability to develop a vast network of information sources represented in our counterparts in other banks and other local market sources.
  • Strength of conviction to identify and raise issues and justify concerns to ensure appropriate action is taken.
  • The role holder to be based in Alexandria.

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