Trade and Credit Information Officer at HSBC

HSBC Career
HSBC Career

Job Description

  • Providing credit information reports to all business areas for current and potential customers.
  • Conducting periodic inspection/follow-up on all corporate pledges (warehouses).
  • Preparing of TCI reports on current and potential borrowing customers.
  • Conducting periodic inspection/follow-up on all corporate pledges (warehouses).
  • Conducting visits for existing/potential HBEG CMB & GBM customers.
  • Providing Global Banking, Commercial Banking and Business Banking with reliable, cost efficient and timely investigation reports.
  • Developing a vast network of information sources represented in our counterparts in other banks and other local market sources.
  • Providing corporate divisions with CBE ACP’s (Aggregate Credit Positions) of their customers.
  • Coordinating with team members for optimized efficiency and maximized productivity.
  • Implementation of processes and systems as prescribed by CBE (Central Bank of Egypt) and meet regulatory requirements.
  • To implement the Group Compliance policy locally by managing compliance risk, ensuring adequate compliance resources are in place and training is provided , fostering a compliance culture and optimizing relations with regulators.
  • Reviewing and ensuring sound knowledge of risk parameters and controls to keep different types of risks at acceptable levels, specifically counterparty fraud risk, by conducting on-going customer due diligence, monitoring for suspicious behaviour and taking appropriate action as set forth in operating policies when necessary.
  • Eliminating any obstacles in in daily workflow so as to obtain business information of reliable nature from trustworthy sources and examining the integrity of such information to reinforce decision making prior to reviewing/establishing relationships.
  • Answering TCI requests from/to overseas banks on our/their customers through obtaining/providing all relevant information about overseas customers.
  • Reducing TAT by eliminating unnecessary processes in a way to satisfy all business parties while ensuring that all internal control procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • Noting systemic problems and suggesting appropriate outcomes.
  • Providing all bank’s related departments with any emerged job related news through our daily browsing in newspapers & other sources of media.
  • Detecting fraud cases through confirming other banks statements presented by potential customers.
  • To be always in line with any economic, political changes in the market regarding customers & industries.
  • Maintaining a strong understanding of each customer’s business, industry analysis and associated risks & threads

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, finance or any relative major.
  • Exposure to lending businesses (Corporate , BB , RBMW) and credit risk management.
  • Working across all levels of the organisation to understand cross-functional linkages and interdependencies
  • Professional expertise which helps to determine solutions around appropriate job measures & processes, risk monitoring and management.
  • Understanding of different industries related business cycles.
  • Ability to form effective relationships and achieve influence in the organisation.
  • Ability to lead staff, fostering a teamwork atmosphere.
  • Being Initiative & self -motivated
  • Flexibility & adaptability.
  • Independent problem solving and analytic skills, computer skills
  • Strength of conviction to identify and raise issues and justify concerns to ensure appropriate action is taken.
  • Hardworking & the ability to work under pressure,
  • Focused to deliver assigned tasks ahead of deadlines.
  • Well-cultured , always conversant with latest news, Trusty & Honest.

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