Statuary Sr. Accountant at Vodafone

Vodafone Jobs
Vodafone Jobs

Job Description

  • Produce Monthly, quarterly and annual VF-EG statutory financial statements.
  • Preparation of TE Quarterly financial requirements as per the VF-TE new agreements.
  • Produce monthly variance analysis between the IFRS Vs. EGGAAP financial standards.
  • Preparation of the group New Mid-Year Auditors requirements in order to meet the cascaded deadline.
  • Review the accounting treatments of all financial data exchanged with the Audit and check compliance with the generally accepted Accounting standards.
  • Preparation of the related financial documents presented in the OGM and to the board of directors.
  • Prepare any Related Party Analysis and/or disclosures required that reflecting the company’s position
  • Produce subsidiaries stand-alone financials on a monthly basis (4 subsidiaries in-addition to any new acquisitions)
  • Preparation of the statutory management discussion and analysis on a monthly basis.
  • Preparation of financial materials regarding regulatory inquiries and data calls.
  • Review and maintenance of statutory accounting process to ensure data availability and accuracy.
  • Design and implementation of process and system improvements in relation to the statutory reporting process.
  • Execution and compliance with internal control policies and procedures over statutory reporting including compliance with model

Job Requirements

  • High experience in Financial Accounting (with at least 3 years’ experience in relevant financial Field).
  • Excellent Knowledge of Accounting Standards & principles¬†
  • Financial Accounting study is a must.
  • Ability to research emerging statutory accounting issues
  • Good presentation and reporting Skills.
  • Excellent command of written & oral English language.
  • Excellent knowledge of computer skills (Mastering the MS office)
  • Ability to work under pressure

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