Senior Lawyer at Elsewedy Electric

Elsewedy Electric Jobs
Elsewedy Electric Jobs

Job Description

  • Provide legal advices and device creative solutions on all aspects of Group’s business operations and interests.
  • Advise Management on legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide guidance to internal stakeholders in resolving complex legal and commercial issues by continuously researching and keeping abreast of global practices and development to ensure maximum protection of Group’s interests.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate all types of contracts, RFPs and tenders with international partners, clients, contractors, financiers and foreign governmental entities ensuring Group’s interests are well protected at all times.
  • Develop and advise on negotiation strategies and tactics, and when necessary, lead/participate in negotiations with international partners, vendors, foreign governments and financiers ensuring maximum safeguarding of Group’s interests and alignment with the Company’s goals and objectives.
  • Draft, review and negotiate consortiums, joint ventures and joint development agreements with international partners.
  • Establish, maintain and manage relationship with joint venture partners, contractors, external counsels and other parties that are involved in all aspects of the Group’s business.
  • Conduct the legal due diligence on target companies.
  • Research, advice and lead the process of acquiring target companies globally.
  • Evaluate the risks associated with the process of mergers and acquisitions under the law of incorporation of the target company and its articles of associations in relation to preemptive rights, special voting powers or preferred shares etc. and the applicable labor, antitrust and competition-protection laws.
  • Supervising the process of mergers and acquisitions as a whole.
  • Find innovative solutions to serve and protect the business needs in complex and/or challenging deals and transactions.
  • Devising the best legal plans to protect the Group’s investments, interests and diverse scope globally by studying, evaluating and making use of BITs and international treaties.
  • Devising innovative corporate structures for implementing projects, ensuring the best legal protection and optimum functionality.
  • Study, research and devise techniques and strategies under foreign laws to protect the Group’s investments, transactions and projects globally.
  • Keeping abreast of major legal changes in countries which the Group operates to make sure that the Group’s interests are protected and the Group is ready for any change.
  • Devising strategies to protect the Group’s investments globally and protect it from unfair treatment change in laws, political risks and/or nationalization.
  • Identify, evaluate, mitigate legal exposures and risks including commercial risks affecting Group’s projects, interests, upstream and downstream operations.
  • Evaluate risks associated with tenders and direct orders with governmental and private entities globally.
  • Anticipate legal and commercial risks associated with Group’s operations and transactions and devise mitigation strategies and solutions.

Job Requirements

  • Education: LL.B of Law
  • Language:  Fluent in English and/or French
  • Computer skills:  Microsoft office and internet research

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