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Lazurde Jobs

Job Description

  • Reviewing and inventorying the receipt of work for each representative and ensuring its authenticity.
  • Review invoices first so as not to exceed the maximum value of tax invoices.
  • Make a post for the invoices first-hand, review the weight, value, the customer’s name, the representative’s signature, and the customer’s signature with the invoice.
  • Reviewing the total billings of a client with the branch supervisor to ensure that the mandatory plan for the branch is achieved.
  • Amending and reviewing returns prices with clients. Entering the collections on the program and on the Excel sheet and matching them with the client, quantity, caliber and representative.
  • Review the collection with the delegate and the treasurer of the fraction. Weekly collection inventory.
  • Review the representative’s collection book.
  • Ensuring the recovery or exchange of ingots canceled from the factory, and following up and processing them mathematically.
  • Adjusting the fractional and cash treasury and matching it with the actual balance. Matching gold and cash deliveries from the branch to the factory.
  • Ensuring, on ongoing basis, that customers do not exceed the credit limits.
  • The customer is matched on the balance of indebtedness to the account of wholesale, double and diamonds. Monthly inventory of artifacts.
  • Weekly sudden inventory on the delegate’s treasury, whether it is broken returns or collection
  • Cash inventory and weekly bank transfer
  • Making a monthly indebtedness report for the sales team and following it up weekly after the update
  • Making sales and collection reports monthly for the district manager and the branch supervisor to ensure that the target is reached.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree – Accounting Major or any related discipline.
  • 3 – 5 years of experience in Sales Accounting.

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