Performance & Profitability Head at EG Bank

EG Bank Career
EG Bank Career

Job Description

  • Coordinate with other executive decision-makers to minimize risk and identify financial growth opportunities by generating actionable insights from technical and financial data.
  • assessing capital cost involved and evaluating the viability of new project evaluation techniques.
  • Perform ad hoc and recurrent financial and profitability analysis on the bank’s different dimensions such as branches, products, distribution channels and provide it to concerned parties, enabling them to make sound decisions;
  • Build the necessary Funds transfer pricing curves for different products in coordination with Head of Group Finance & Administration as well as ALCO’s Chairman;
  •  Evaluate financial performance by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts and make recommendations for improvements whether on pricing OI
  • Assist the Team Leader in analyzing the financial data and create reports for decision support (such as simulation on new withdrawal Limits and new interest rate grid …)
  •  Coordinate continuously with all the reporting entities to receive all the needed financial figures well defined in the system in order to generate accurate analysis and taking better decision
  • Managed and maintained organizational cost reporting files used to analyze and report business unit capital performance against budget and approved funds.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Commerce, business, Finance or any relevant field
  • Masters or CFA certificate is a plus
  • 10 to 15 Years of Experience in Banking field

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