NLP Analyst at Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank Career
Mashreq Bank Career

Job Description

  • Work with product management teams to determine business requirements for the design, configuration, and deployment of conversational UI initiatives
  • Tune and refine the chatbot natural language processing (NLP) engine, workflows and intents, as well as publish new workflows
  • Design, configure, and test reusable components such as intent models and machine learning models to promote configuration-based solutions, under the guidance of the product team
  • Provide input to help the product team understand how conversational experiences will enhance customer engagement
  • Perform regular analysis of trends in chatbot conversations to proactively suggest topics and unanswered questions with the biggest opportunity to automate
  • Use rapid prototyping and testing of various conversational flows to help the product team assess the outcome of different approaches
  • Compelling real-world experience related to machine learning OR Artificial intelligence related to Natural language processing and or Computational linguistics
  • Expertise in either Java or C/C++ and any one of scripting languages like Perl/Python/ JavaScript

Job Description

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing
  • Application of machine learning algorithms and techniques for natural language processing
  • Experience with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques
  • Owning module development as an individual contributor
  • Sound knowledge in Syntax and Semantic processing using statistical methodologies and/or Chatscript
  • Experience in Word prediction algorithms
  • 3-5 years experience purely in applied linguistics & NLP, related product development
  • Experience in Information extraction and retrieval techniques
  • Familiarity with chatbots, voice-enabled devices, or other conversational channels
  • Good to have skills with big data management tools, Node.js and scripting
  • Good knowledge of content categorization algorithms
  • Research, design and development of natural language processing algorithms
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Engineering OR Computer Science.

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