MIS Senior Analyst at Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank Career
Mashreq Bank Career

Job Description

  • To act as the Navigator for the Customer experience and Call Center as the source of information to the management
  • To Run, Modify and Execute all Dialer Functionalities for All Units
  • To gather, compile, produce and Analyze the data for the effective running of the Call center, IVR, authorization, quality training and present the same to the unit head for evaluation and decision making
  • To gather, compile, produce and Analyze data for Alternate Channels (Retention, authorization and Telesales) and present the data to the unit head for evaluation and decision making
  • Produce ALL reports to support the analysis for all channels
  • To produce data with analysis on unit Resource Planning to support the units future needs of Resource Management
  • To evaluate and analyses trend analysis to support units future decisions on resource planning and management
  • To support call center with technical capabilities to ensure 24hr smooth running of the unit without any beaks. Controlling areas such IVR, ACD, Symposium systems for the units
  • Ensure COB for DBC & Alt. Channels
  • Prepare monthly Capacity Plan based on historical data and future plans collected from all product managers for the term, and ensure that staff is adequately placed for any fluctuations on daily basis
  • To prepare monthly ‘Schedule’ to ensure that all resources are utilized to the maximum productivity, managing the annual leaves, absenteeism and other critical factors such as available head count and part time staff.
  • Prepare URF’s for critical developments on need basis and ensure timely implementations
  • Support all units in DBC & Alternate channels for Navigation, analysis, capacity planning and Scheduling
  • Manage unit Budgets, ensure numbers are appropriately tracked and all activities are registered as per the proved budgets and assigned to the correct unit
  • Provide highly technical and analytical support for managing MashreqBank Direct Banking Channels, which include DBC, Mashreq gold and Private banking
  • To collate, analyze and interpret sales and service data to provide meaningful information for RBG Senior Management for all Sales & Service indicators across all channels.
  • Provide actionable information on (DBC, Mashreq Gold, Private Banking and SME) call volume, trends, customer behavior
  • To continuously monitor performance indicators and capacity plans in order to achieve optimal performance.
  • To integrate and publish ABU indicators on an individual and team basis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis with segment management perspective (across products / sub-segments) to identify specific gaps, opportunities for further strategy formulation and business development.
  • Special studies (what-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis) for strategic planning process and business development for segment strategy formulation.
  • Modification, restructuring and building of Direct Banking Alternate Channels databases in coordination with CKBM and Mindscape team to meet product management requirements.
  • Provide technical and objective critique of the regional business performance across a variety of complex and sophisticated business scenarios.
  • Prepare analytical studies on pre / post marketing campaigns.
  • Market intelligence system to identify customer behavior trends.
  • Ensure efficient and accurate calculation of employee wise incentive amounts (hardship allowances).
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis with segment management for delivery channels (IVR, CRM, Agents).
  • Provide Direct Banking senior management with employee performance summaries with recommendations on improving performance levels further.
  • Responsible for content management of the DBC Intranet site , and continue to build its utility as an important desktop information dissemination tool.
  • Ability to present and show all around activities using modern technology
  • Capacity Planning for the Direct Banking Center.
  • Hardware and Software Administration & Access Control.
  • Mainly in dealing with sophisticated and complex database analysis / modeling.
  • Overcoming a lot of data extraction / interpretation situations in fairly huge and diversified complex databases.
  • Only within the framework of the job responsibilities
  • Decide on what information should be gathered from front liners and Team leaders

Job Requirements

  • Strong understanding of Mashreq Bank and Osool products parameters and design.
  • Understanding of the key profitability drivers – behavioral and non-behavioral – and market segmentation concepts and methodologies.
  • Detail orientation and analytical capabilities – credibility and objectivity.
  • High level of analytical, report writing, presentation and PC skills.
  • Experience with databases with fair knowledge of data warehousing concepts, application and complexity.
  • Orientation of banking application structures and designs.
  • Knowledge of statistical tools such as MS Office Professional, SQL and Business Object (DSS tool), Voice Recording applications.

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