Large Corporate Credit Control Officer at EG Bank

Job Description

  • Accurately review and verify complete documentation packages for credit applications, ensuring compliance with established checklists, guidelines, and policies.
  • Protect post-approval compliance with all relevant guidelines, policies, procedures, and terms of approval. Prepare activation forms based on confirmed adherence.
  • Generate comprehensive daily and weekly monitoring reports. Ensure all reports are produced, followed up on, and filed appropriately.
  • Identify and report trends that could potentially impact credit decisions, such as account activity types, transaction volumes, and credit utilization patterns. Escalate any deviations from established parameters to senior management for prompt action.
  • Proactively follow up with the business teams to obtain clarifications on irregularities, credit issues, early warning signs, and exceptions. Remain engaged until all issues are addressed and resolved. Compliance Maintenance and Reporting:
  • Circulate updated corrective grids of audit findings on a monthly basis to all relevant parties within the organization.
  • Ensure timely regularization of credit excesses. Report unauthorized excesses to the Head of Credit Risk for further action in case of non-regularization.
  • Develop and implement strategies to automate, improve data quality, and enhance the functionality of Credit Administration reports.
  • Ensure all corporate client data (interest rates, risk ratings, sectors, segments, etc.) is accurately captured and maintained within the core banking systems.
  • Confirm that all collateral types, valuations, and other relevant information for borrowing corporate clients sufficiently cover related exposures and are accurately recorded within the core banking systems.
  • Extract and prepare the required corporate client data reports to verify that all critical data points are accurately recorded within the core banking system.

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