HR Specialist at Seat

  • Performs diversified duties in the processing and monitoring of the employee benefits program, and maintains all employee personnel files 
  • Processes group insurance claims covering company employees and dependents. Forwards claims to specified carriers and reconciles claim payments if needed. Checks and verifies dental insurance bills and authorizes payment
  • Answers employee questions concerning benefits; refers to various resources for information as needed.
  • Maintains a complete personnel file for each employee in the Company, and benefit files 
  • Conducts termination, and closing of benefit programs, and retains employment records as prescribed by law. 
  • Maintain the payroll section in matters concerning employment, termination, and final compensation.
  • Assist employees with personnel-related processes (e.g. credentialing, salary issues, etc.) for the purpose of expediting credential renewals and ensuring the accuracy of payroll information.
  • Maintain employee records which consist of employment history records, benefit records, and current employment status.
  • Verify payroll changes with a computer printout.
  • Maintains and provides current information on benefits such as Social Security, retirement, and insurance. 
  • Maintains and updates personnel files in compliance with Egyptian Labor Law.
  • Maintain the payroll and Time Keeping System.
  • Contact union officials, governmental agencies, company lawyers, insurance inspectors, civic officials, and other community leaders.
  • Handles all related staff social insurance procedures and issues regular reports as required. Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.
  • Handles staff absences by updating the absence database and reporting staff absence to payroll and/or line managers as appropriate.

Job Requirements

  • Education: B sc. Business Administration or Relevant
  • Certificates: Post Graduate Studies in HR, Diploma, or similar Certificates.
  • Experience: Minimum of 3 years in the same field
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and Publisher required. 
  • Good command of the English language

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