Financial Inclusion Officer at EG Bank

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EG Bank Career

Job Description

  • Support the implementation of the financial inclusion projects/initiatives/CBE mandates inside the bank.
  • Monitor and follow up projects progress and take corrective actions to ensure projects are on track.
  • Support in the implementation of the policies, regulation and initiatives mandated by the CBE.
  • Ensure to organize/coordinate financial literacy sessions during the financial inclusion event to on-board new clients under financial inclusion accounts, youth accounts and special needs accounts.
  • Coordinate and follow-up on all the training related to financial inclusion at district level and support in the delivery of those training with concerned stakeholders & staff.
  • Manage the financial inclusion events mandated by the CBE, provide the adequate coordination between related departments and ensure fruitful outcomes.
  • Visit branches regularly to conduct trainings and assist in spreading financial inclusion awareness.
  • Meet CBE deadlines in terms of regular reports required related to events beneficiaries, number of accounts etc
  • Supervise the implementation of the training plans mandated by the CBE, in liaison with internal stakeholders; HR, consumer banking, and other depts.
  • Co-ordinates with the Marketing/COM department to prepare awareness videos related to education on banking and banking products on social media platforms
  • Initiate potential partnership with other organizations to ensure that financial inclusion solutions and literature are delivered to the targeted segment as well as co-ordinates with third parties, when needed, to extend financial literacy and support for these segments.
  • Enhance Geographic coverage in remote uncovered areas by reaching out and conducting visits to the targeted segments in the targeted remote areas to meet the required outcomes.
  • Ensure timely and regular liaison and reporting to CBE as per prescribed format.
  • Update website with financial inclusion contents and ensure it is up to date.

Job Requirements

        • Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Political Science or related Fields of Study.
        • Excellent command of both English and Arabic languages (written and spoken)
        • Minimum 3 years of related banking experience.
        • Excellent communication, business writing and presentation skills
        • Strong knowledge of banking policies and guidelines.

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