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Huawei jobs

Job Description

  • Support data collation and release of monthly operating reports. (Platform cost allocation management, labor cost management by product domain, etc.)
  • Manage the reimbursement of the local team, get familiar with the reimbursement process and requirements, support the local team to complete reimbursement according to compliance requirements, organize Q&A training on partial reimbursement, publicize the reimbursement compliance of partial reimbursement, and ensure reimbursement compliance.
  • Manage general procurement POs. Check whether the bill is reasonable, whether the amount submitted is consistent with that in the attachment, and whether there is corresponding approval. Analyze abnormal POs, long overdue unclosed POs, long overdue unpaid POs, and unaccrued POs. Drive business improvement and ensure that costs are recorded correctly and reasonably.
  • Create and authorize project budgets in the product domain.
  • Support PR self-check, engineering inspection, and financial audit.

Job Requirements

  • Graduates majoring in accounting or financial management. New graduates should have basic knowledge of finance, auditing, and internal control, be able to explain the business nature of financial data or financial behavior, identify risks).
  • 1-3 years of financial or auditing experience in large enterprises(Experience in Big Four accounting firms is preferred.
  • Be sensitive to data, be responsible, work hard, and patient.
  • Strong communication and coordination skills and cooperative sense.

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