Field Service Expert at Mercedes

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Mercedes Benz Careers

Job Description

  • To assist retail network / MB Eg / Fleets in service technical solutions, to secure retail network technical qualification on coordination with training team, to assure flow of technical information/Recall/Service Measure/Service Letter in coordination with warranty team, and to conduct literature/tool/equipment audits.
  • Provide technical assistance to Retail Network / MB Egypt / Fleets
  • Provide technical help desk support 
  • Support in rectification of major faults and problems
  • Monitor the quality of work through random field audits¬†
  • Prepare List/Audit availability/usage of special tools and equipment
  • Check availability /usage of technical literature and information 
  • Observe qualification of technical workshop staff and propose measures for improvement (to Retail Network and MB Eg Training)
  • Conduct / coordinate `mystery customer` audits
  • Assist warranty team through checking technical aspects of warranty and goodwill claims upon their request 
  • Plan/Coordinate/ Follow up Recall/Service Measure/Service Letter
  • Control, follow up, and check the scraping procedures on a regular basis
  • Assist in scrapping of all warranty materials before the final delivery to the scrapping agent.
  • Conduct technical report to Daimler
  • Follow up on sent reports until cases are closed 
  • Upon request act as technical expert witness
  • Provide guidelines and development plans to  retail technical staff 
  • Planning/Coordinating Technical information meetings
  • Distributing Technical information 
  • Provide technical coaching at Retail Network in coordination with the Training Team
  • PDI Sales & Direct Sales

Job Requirements

  • 5-7 years of experience in practical and diagnostic work with at least 2 years in a similar position holding the same responsibilities and tasks.
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English.

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