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Orange Jobs

Job Description

  • Develop the sales within the list/market segment, promoting new solutions & new products to the related customers.
  • Prospect the whole potential of the list/business segment assigned, study the area for which they have responsibility, and arrange a program of visits by contacting people & making appointments? Achieve the sales objectives set by the direct manager.
  • Coordinate with the technology department in the definition of specific proposals.
  • Develop a trustworthy relationship with customers.
  • Translate & transfer all information gathered from the market to Marketing Intelligence Department.
  • Give feedback on field expectations and share with the Corporate Sales Team.
  • Ensure profitability on commercial offers presented? Coordinate with Telesales Team.
  • Quote & negotiate prices, credit terms and prepare contract.
  • Ongoing reporting as per requirements assigned and carry out formal presentations of products using sales tools provided.
  • Assess customers needs, explain & demonstrate products to them which may involve providing technical description as well as describing purposes for which they may be used.
  • Timely communicate & advise his customers with all new offers, tariffs, business solution, tariff advisors & proceed with the required migrations.
  • Make a wide penetration in his accounts and get acquainted with all decision makers and influencers.
  • Identify the shared and exclusive accounts and immediately attack competitors in his existing shared accounts.
  • Facilitate communication between customers and customer service by communicating all tools of communication like phone provisioning, password provisioning, U control, E-bill., to strengthen business relationship between company and the customer.
  • Timely communicate loyalty programs to his customer base such as point scheme programs, points for users and accounts, ways to reach proper information, all available gifts on accounts and users level, and ensure high customers loyalty.
  • Be proactive, seek and probe for potential growth, potential threats, business opportunities, set visits objectives and articulate a business plan for each account to ensure long term business relationship and high customers satisfaction.
  • Perform high quality sales calls with good planning and pre approach for each visit, always ready with all brochures, offers, advisors, business solutions.
  • Timely respond to Optima sales leads, churn threat, customers requests and queries.
  • Timely respond to emails, feedbacks, required reports such as weekly report, inventory, sales forecast, remote activation, rejection reports, save & credit reports.
  • Punctuality to the meetings & customers appointments.
  • Technology oriented with all company systems, products, services, technical solutions.
  • High and accepted events attendees percentage. Complete call cycle and full portfolio coverage by visiting all his customers at least once every month.

Job Requirements

  • University degree, preferably in business administration.
  • 3-5 years experience in Sales of Products & Services.
  • Very good English both spoken and written.
  • Very good computer skills.
  • Practical, reliable and flexible.
  • Customer Oriented.
  • Strong Negotiation Skills & Selling Skills.
  • Strong Communications & Interpersonal Skills.
  • Able to manage stress & pressure effectively.

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