Card Campaigns & Utilization Senior Executive / Executive

Job Description

  • Responsible to continuously enhance and innovate campaigns and loyalty programs of all card types in order to boost activation ratio and react quickly to changes in the business environment.
  • Monitor progress of cards activation ratio on a daily basis and analyze customer behavior/preferences.
  • Conduct market study on competitors’ Loyalty Programs, Rewards & campaigns and perform regular customer surveys.
  • Introduce innovative ideas and enhancements to Loyalty Programs, Rewards & campaigns to attract customers to frequently use their cards.
  • Collaborate with Marketing department to launch Promotional Campaigns and develop new ideas based on deep analysis of the market needs to increase cards usage, attract potential clients and maintain the existing ones.
  • Review any marketing materials that include Cards details and Credit Cards Statements. 6. Compare Rewards, Fees & Rates for all credit cards and propose modifications (if needed).
  • Introduce new ideas for Cash Back and Mileage Bonuses.
  • Propose sales strategies that enhance the selling of each product in collaboration with Coaching Team; Provide recommendations to Coaching Team for coaching plans based on the provided analysis.
  • Provide Marketing department with all related updates to new amendments, features, benefits and services across different channels.
  • Conduct weekly reports for activation ratios of all card types.
  • Prepare regular analytical reports on customer behavior to management.
  • Ensure correct adoption of policies and procedures in order to guarantee that QNB ALAHLI business is conducted in compliance with Local Laws, Internal rules and regulations, as well as International Standards.
  • Ensure the correct functioning and implementation of the Permanent Supervision, Compliance and Money Laundering, Operational Risk, and Workplace Success Guidelines whenever and where possible.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business Administration or Economics
  • Senior Executive: Minimum 3 years of experience for the senior in all the banking activities with deep knowledge in the Card Business.
  • Executive: 0 – 2 years of experience for the executive in all the banking activities with deep knowledge in the Card Business. 

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