AUC’s Road to College program at AUC

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Scholarship Description

  • AUC’s Road to College program is your free, online gateway to independent English-language learning from The American University in Cairo (AUC).
  • Whatever your ability, the program will enhance your English language skills and prepare you for success in school and university.

Why Learn English?

  • It is the most widely spoken language in the world
  • It is the language of hospitality, tourism, science, business, and media
  • It can help you get into an esteemed English instruction university
  • It opens up better job opportunities
  • It empowers you to study and travel all over the world

Why Study English with AUC’s Road to College Program?

  • Study at your own pace anytime, anywhere
  • Learn from AUC’s expert English faculty
  • Earn a badge once you complete each course
  • Join a community of young like-minded learners
  • Win an opportunity to visit AUC New Cairo campus after completion of 4 courses

How To Enroll?

  • Create a free account to access the courses.
  • Take a short placement test to determine the appropriate level for you.
  • Enroll at the appropriate level and start studying anytime, anywhere

Courses Offered

  • 101 Foundations of English
  • 101 Foundations of English
  • 101 Foundations of English
  • 101 Foundations of English
  • 202 Integrated English
  • 301 College Prep English

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